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About our founder

I’m Claire Boville, a freelance medical writer with a passion for clear and accurate communication to inform and educate healthcare professionals.


After working as a clinical pharmacist across a range of medical and surgical specialties in the UK and Australia, I became increasingly specialized in mental health. Patients accessing psychiatric services needed more support and compassion than was sometimes provided in hospitals, and I felt pulled to address some of these gaps.


This led me to take on further roles delivering clinical pharmacy services in mental health, obtain a postgraduate certificate in psychiatric therapeutics, and later lead content development and program design to improve primary care management and outcomes for people with depression and anxiety.


For example, in 2022, I led scientific content development for ‘Mental health and young people: Opportunities to empower and engage’. As part of the program, I worked with experts, stakeholders, and consumers to co-design both patient-focused resources and CME materials, including training workshops and resources delivered to 5,000+ physicians. Over 78% of attendees reported being likely to recommend the learning activity to their colleagues, and many felt pulled to introduce new treatments and management approaches in their clinical practice.


Whether you need website content, articles, learning modules, slide decks or other ways of driving change to clinical practice or engaging patients in treatment discussions, I’ve got you covered. To discuss an upcoming CME project in mental health, contact me at to set up a call.

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